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Step by step Process of Acquiring Land in Kenya legally.

Thinking of buying land in Kenya? This article is composed for you land purchaser so you may not succumb to conman out to dupe you of your richly deserved cash.

Here in Kenya claiming a land parcel is an indication of wealth.

Land is such an important resource because of how quickly it appreciates and the high cost of initial purchase.

Stories have been recounted of individuals being offered land or property that is enlisted under another person’s name.

•Search and Inspection of the land-You will be expected to introduce a duplicate of the Title deed to the Lands office, This search shows you the original owner of the land, the history of the land, and whether caution has been placed on the land. The land is usually cautioned in case there is a dispute going on about the parcel of land.

•Offers and cost dealings once the lawyers and surveyors affirm the authenticity of the land and its rightful ownership, the purchaser ought to now make a proposition denoting the start of the discussion interaction. It is prudent to include a valuer who will give a suitable assessment of the land cost.

•Actual visit-as a purchaser you need to guarantee that you get what you pay for. Go investigate your property diligently. Conveying your attorney and surveyor is necessary.

•Get Survey Maps-Bring a land surveyor on board to check the right boundary of limits. In a perfect world, this step ought to be finished prior to consenting to the arrangement so you guarantee what you see is what you get. Beacons are recognized to keep away from future land disputes.

•Drafting of the Sale Agreement-The lawyer/advocate will draft an understanding of the exchange occurring between the vendor and purchaser of the property. Down payment can be made and a pledge to clear the balance is plainly expressed in the deal understanding.

•Installment of land rates-prior to moving responsibility for, landowners should clear any forthcoming rates to the City Council.

•Land move before the last exchange of the Title Deed the purchaser needs to have finished the excess measure of cash as well as lawful expenses.

•Stamp obligation – charge paid on all land transactions will be paid to the public authority. Seller signs sale agreement which is then taken with identification photographs, lands search and deal arrangement, and the title deed is moved to the land buyer.

Documents you will need during the whole transaction process:

•Legitimate Title Deed

•The sale Agreement

•Pertinent assents eg spousal consent

•KRA Pin certificates of the two contractors-buyer and seller

•Land and rates payment receipts

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